Vision, Mission and Goal


To have a healing institution equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, staffed by competent, ethical and compassionate professionals inspired by Methodist traditions.


To provide quality, caring and cost-effective health services for patients and establish a center for teaching, training and research in the field of medical and nursing specialties under a responsible stewardship sustained by Christian values.


  1. To maintain and continuously upgrade state-of-the-art medical facilities;
  2. To teach, train and encourage research through:
    1. residency training programs in the medical and nursing specialties
    2. in-service training for nurses and paramedical personnel
    3. hands-on training for student affiliates
  3. To expand the medical facilities and provide medical services to the marginalized sector of society;
  4. To support health programs of the University for the benefit of the citizenry in general and the Methodist community, in particular the church and the clergy; and
  5. To eventually establish a College of Medicine.